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  • ​​We would like to highlight recognition of best performance by the Werk & IK Ramp Supervisor who handled our product outstandingly well today. He delivered us an outstanding turnaround covering all aspects of our aircraft turnaround checks, met our OTP & kept safety as his top priority!

    Great worker
    Great worker


  • ​Reliable employment agency. Good contact with coordinators. Mutual cooperation in a pleasant atmosphere. I highly recommend the Werk & Ik employment agency.”

    Reliable, Mutual Cooperation
  • ​​I've worked for Werk & IK for over six months, the work is great with good pay on time. I enjoy working with my friends, thanks Werk & IK

    Great Place to Work
  • ​​​​​We have been working with W&I for years and we still like that very much. Temporary workers at W&I are characterized as hard-working and flexible employees who are very productive. W&I is a party that is very flexible and that always wants to think along with us in solutions for personnel issues. In addition, the communication with W&I is very pleasant and they are always easily accessible, something that is a must for us because the work continues 24/7! ​​​​​

    Solutions, Flexible

    Kluh Service Management