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The Future of Aviation

​​Aviation has come a long way in recent years. In the early days of flight, people often wondered if airplanes would ever be safe enough for humans to fly. It wasn’t until the Wright Brothers d...

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Airport Queus

How To Avoid the Staff Shortage at Airports

Airports are the perfect storm for staffing challenges. They’re bustling 24/7, they require high levels of technical and operational knowledge, and they often operate with limited visibility from...

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Eastern Food

Wat Oost-Europese werknemers ons kunnen leren over werk

Velen associëren Oost-Europa nog met het communisme en een gebrek aan innovatie. Dit is geen juiste weergave van de regio. Het communisme was slechts één facet van de Oost-Europese cultuur en hee...

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5 Ways to Survive Your First Flight

​Flying for the first time can be scary for anyone. For many people, flying for the first time is also a rite of passage, something that everyone does at some point in their young adult life. Whe...

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