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The process

When you have decided that you want to come and work for Werk & IK, the recruitment process will start. The standard process to work in the Netherlands can take up to three (3) months, sometimes longer, this is due to the security arrangements for working in controlled areas at the airport. Werk & IK do have jobs that require a lower level of security checking such as warehousing and Just Eat deliveries allowing you to join us in the Netherlands sooner. The following explains the steps required to join us in Holland.


You will speak with one of our consultants and at this stage we hopefully give you all the details you need about the role you’ve applied for or the overall opportunities working with Werk & IK. We make sure you fit the criteria and you have all the information you need to decide to join us in the Netherlands.Once we’ve both decided that we want to proceed we ask you to sign a, non-binding, form confirming you intent to join us in the Netherlands.


Once we’ve decided to go ahead, we need to collect all the information for you security checks. Our consultant will go through the details and may send you a form to complete with some required details. We’ll also need a copy of you ID documents either an ID card or passport. The copy needs to be clear and on a blank background. We need a copy of your ID even if you are intending to work at one of our non-screened clients.


If you are joining us for Just Eat or a non screened role then we go straight to preparation. Otherwise, we will complete you VOG or VGB and submit it to the Dutch Government for checks, this can take up to and even longer than three months, we unable to speed this up. During this time, we keep up to date with you and will give you a call every couple of weeks and send you some further information about the Netherlands, Werk & IK, and our clients.


On the day you arrive in Holland we ask you to make you way to our office, its easy to get to and we send you details, we’re at Contactweg 120, 1014 BJ, Amsterdam. You need to arrive between 9:00am and 3:30pm Monday - Friday, if your transport arrives outside these times you’ll need to arrange some temporary accommodation until we are open. Once you get here, we’ll welcome you with a coffee and welcome pack then go through your employment documents. A BSN appointment will have been booked for you and we’ll let you know where and how we’ll get you to it. Once the documents are complete, we’ll give you a lift to your accommodation so you can settle in before your first shift or training.